Home Visits

We conduct home visits for young children and newborns who require a circumcision. Whilst many parents would prefer a clinic, there are numerous advantages to having a home circumcision.

  • There is no need to drive back and forth from clinic with the added problem of finding parking
  • If there are other siblings, there is no need to bring them along to a clinic or arrange childcare
  • It is considerably easier for mums to breastfeed in the comfort and privacy of their own homes
  • There is no need to worry about leaving formulas, nappies, wipes or other baby accessories at home
  • There is no concern about taking young babies out in bad weather
  • There is no need to worry about catching infections from other children at the clinic
  • There is no need to worry about a being late for a clinic appointment or clinic closing
  • There is an added comfort in knowing that your surgeon will return for a home visit at no extra charge following the procedure should you require it
  • There is considerable time and cost saving in having a home visit rather than driving out to a clinic.
  • Home visit times can be tailored to your request rather than at set clinic times.
  • Same levels of sterility, hygiene and safety in all the equipment used and precautions taken.
  • Only the two most senior surgeons provide home visits
  • There is no difference in complications (bleeding, infection or other) noted for home visits as compared to clinic visits.

If you would like to consider our home visit, the booking can also be made through our book an appointment section. If you have any other enquiries regarding home visits, please contact us.