Why Choose Us

Reasons why people choose CircumSurgeons for circumcision

We maintain the highest standards of care available for all aspects of your circumcision.

1. Doctors

All of our doctors are fully-qualified and independent surgeons practising within the NHS and private sector. They each have Fellowships or Membership of the Royal College of Surgeons and have long-standing experience in performing circumcisions.

All doctors hold GMC full-registration and have a current license to practise. Doctors certificates are available to see at our clinics at any time during your visit and we also carry copies to show on our mobile visits. Our doctors CVs are also available for inspection at any time.

2. Disposable sterile equipment and hygienic theatre

All our tools and instruments are sterile and for single use only to prevent cross contamination and infection. The procedure is carried out in a hygienic and professional environment.

3. Local anaesthetic injection

All procedures are carried out using a local anaesthetic to numb the skin and make the procedure painless after the injection. Many babies we see actually sleep peacefully during their circumcision.

4. Choice of method

We are happy to offer a choice of methods depending upon if you have a particular preference of method.
Please contact us to find out more.

We are open 7 days a week from 10am to 9pm and after hours for emergency care. There are many clinics out there which provide a weekend-only or limited weekday service. Circumcision is all we do every day of the week.

5. Extremely low complication rate

To date, we have not had any complications of bleeding, infection or other complication as we only hire doctors of the highest calibre who have undergone extensive training in circumcision surgery, communication skills and infection control.

6. 24 hr assistance

You will be given the doctors mobile number, which, should you have any concern, can be contacted out-of-hours.

7. Instruction leaflets

These are given to patients to advise on after-care following circumcision, what to expect on the day and how to care for your child after the procedure has been performed.

8. Latest technology

We always try to use the latest in modern technology for your comfort and safety.

9. Parking

We have our own free car park at the Medical Centre.

10. Building

Our building is spacious and situated in a relaxing environment. We have a purpose built Medical Centre in London which is fully equipped for children and their family.

11. Family friendly environment

CicumSurgeons offers a relaxing environment for your child and the family. We have facilities for baby changing and comfortable private areas for breast feeding.

12. Friendly staff

Our staff are all experienced in dealing with issues regarding circumcision. We are always interested in your feedback and welcome any comments or suggestions.

13. Pricing

The price includes administration costs, medication and follow-up appointments which may be required, in addition to the surgical procedure and the local anaesthetic injection. Our all-inclusive price is kept to a minimum when quoting your particular procedure.

14. Free follow-up visits

Follow-up visits at the clinic are included in the price (if required).

15. Medication

Prescriptions are supplied by the clinic and included in the price.

16. Communication

Patients are given clear instructions from the staff at the medical centre on what to expect before the procedure, and instructions on aftercare following surgery.

17. Free Consultations

A free consultation is offered prior to the procedure, and there will be no charge if you decide to go ahead with the circumcision. The surgeon will ask you questions concerning your medical history and answer any relevant medical questions you have, as well as clarifying which procedure is most suitable and appropriate.

18. Home visits are available on request

You can choose to either come to our clinic or have the circumcision carried out in the comfort of your own home.

19. Online payment

You can choose to pay for your circumcision online via paypal or by cash. If you choose to pay online, please have a receipt printed out when you come for your procedure.