Child circumcisions are generally carried out at home for your child’s convenience. For visits outside London Zones 1-2, a travel charge of £20 per zone is incurred.

Older children may be done in our clinic at your request. Adult circumcisions are only performed in our London clinic.

Circumcision prices are as follows:

Child’s Age                                 Price

Newborn to 2 years                  £180

Age 2 to 4 years                       £200

Age 4 to 6 years                       £250

Age 6 to 11 years                     £300

Age 11 and over                       £300 to £550 depending on age and type of procedure

Please note that older children who have commenced puberty and are not suitable for the PLASTIBELL procedure will have to be done in the clinic with the traditional cut and dissolving sutures (stitches) similar to the adult.

Optional prices include:

Long-acting anaesthetic (last 4-6 hours)            £30

Oral sedation (licensed for children)                    £50

Skin glue (only for those with sutures)               £100



Adult circumcision prices start at £700 for a first-time procedure under local anaesthetic.

Re-do and revision procedures start at £800 depending on complexity of procedure and type of revision required.

Skin glue option for wound closure costs an extra £100 and has much better cosmetic appearance with virtually no pain post-operatively. Return to work is much quicker and this option is recommended for those patients who want to have minimal time off work, those who are anxious about post-operative pain or those individuals who wish to have a minimally visible scar line after healing.



Our prices reflect the quality of service and level of expertise and individual care that you or your child is getting. We only employ well-experienced surgeons who perform these procedures on a very regular basis. We do not employ any GPs or other specialty of doctors who should not be performing surgical operations as this has a major impact on the outcome and quality of care received. Our complication rates are minimal and much less than quoted literature or those procedures done by non-surgeons. In the rare chance that you have any problems, we are also trained to deal with any circumstance that may arise during or after your procedure and you will never have to be referred to another doctor or hospital as everything can be done in-house.

Please note that our prices are fixed and we occasionally run promotions seasonally or via our vouchers.

Please do not call us if you are price-fishing or wish to negotiate prices as they are clearly stated above.We would encourage you to enquire if we have any current promotions or discounts running and we will happily apply them to the price as applicable.