Circumcision Advice

For more information on the type of procedure used in children and adults, please choose the tab listed “Children” or “Adults” listed under the “Circumcisions” option from the menu bar.

This section outlines the steps surrounding the entire circumcision procedure.

  1. Enquiries – We would hope that you have made thorough enquiries prior to deciding that a circumcision is the right procedure for you or your child. CircumSurgeons are happy to answer any questions regarding circumcisions prior to making a booking. Questions may be asked at any time leading up to or after the procedure.
  2. Booking – Once you have decided to proceed with the procedure and your questions have been answered, we would ask you to make a booking either by calling us or using the booking form online. If you are paying by cash, then please ensure you bring this and make payment at the clinic. If you are paying online by paypal then please make payment prior to the procedure and bring your receipt as proof of payment when booking in at our reception.
  3. Attending the clinic – Please carefully read through our pre-procedure advice found under the “Advice” option listed in the menu bar. Children must attend with either or both of the parents or legal guardians. Grandparents, uncles, or other relatives may not consent on behalf of the child unless they are the registered legal guardians of the child. Informed consent will be provided to all patients or parents and you will be asked to sign a form consenting to the procedure after explanation of the risks and benefits.
  4. Procedure – The Plastibell procedure is used in children who have not reached puberty and the sleeve technique is used in adults. All procedures are performed under local anaesthesia in a clean and sterile setting.
  5. Going home – After the procedure, you will be given further information both verbally as well as in writing in our post-operative care leaflet. Children may leave the clinic with their parents soon after the procedure is complete. Adults would typically wait and go home after 2 hours if the procedure was straightforward with no complications.
  6. Follow-up – Routine follow-up consists of a telephone call after 24 hours to ensure that there are no immediate problems as well as at 7 days after the procedure to make sure that the healing up to that point has been successful. You may call us at anytime if you have any questions or concerns regarding your circumcision procedure. Normally routine follow-up visits are not necessarily required.